Block Station Shale

From Summitville, Ohio

Block Station Shale when in service

Photo courtesy of Chip Syme Collection

Block Station "Shale"

The cabin was originally built at block station “Shale”, milepost 42.7 at Summitville, Ohio on the old Cleveland & Pittsburgh Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Manned block stations controlled the switches and signals at junctions and other important areas before the invention and installation of remote interlocking.

Block Station Shale awaiting final repairs

Judging by the architecture, it appears to be of late 1800s or early 1900s vintage before PRR removed the fancier details from their standard plans. It had been purchased from Conrail by a private owner and moved to their property. The owners have donated the cabin to us along with an Erie (their hometown road) concrete phone booth, other line side items and quite a few antique railroad related artifacts.

It’s in very good condition for its age though it needs a few minor repairs and a thorough scraping and painting back to standard PRR colors. A new roof and electrical service have been installed.

Block Station Shale, June 2023.

Block Station Shale, June 2023

As of June, 2023, we're closing in on the exterior restorations. Still to be completed is the painting  of the area between the windows and the roof and some touchups. Then we'll dress up the interior. It now functions as our ticket office,


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