Rolling Stock

Passenger Cars

8008 - The Diner

8008 exterior

The 8008 was built by the Budd Company in 1939 for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, part of lot 96809. This car was used in ACL's Champion service as a 48 seat diner and was originally named "Baltimore" with no number. It was assigned number 5908 upon the merger with the Seaboard Air Line Railroad to form Seaboard Coast Line. The car was transferred to Amtrak in 1971 and renumbered 8008.

ORHS acquired the car from Rails Diversified, Inc. in 1986.

The 8008 is currently not in service and is awaiting restoration.

Amtrak Equipment Plan Sheet for 8008. Click to view the Amtrak Equipment Plan.

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Motor Car

M-2180 Millie

Car Number 105

The M-2180 was built in August, 1971 by Fairmont Railway Motors, Inc. for the US Army for use at the Ravenna Arsenal. The "A-Car", as it is known to ORHS members, is a model A4-D-1-7 motor car.

It was one of a group of motor cars acquired from the contractor decommissioning the base in the early '80s.

After restoration by several members, ORHS acquired the car in 2008 and it has been an integral feature at our trackside events ever since.

The M-2180 also pulls a trailer for hauling track tools, supplies and other equipment necessary to maintain our track.

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Other Cars

ORHS also owns several other non-revenue freight cars used for maintenance and storage.