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February 24

Meeting Dates to Change

The Board of Directors’ meeting and the General Membership meetings have been combined. One monthly meeting will now be held on the LAST Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

The Board meeting will be the first order of business, and then we will go into the general membership portion of the month’s business. Hopefully this will streamline our process and get items of importance processed more quickly

The February combined meeting will be held Tuesday, February 27 at 7:00pm, thereafter the meetings will be on the last Tuesday of each month.

February 4

Happy Birthday!

2018 Sesquicentennial Boxcar.

The year 2018 is a special year for ORHS. Not only is it the 40th anniversary of our founding in 1978, but it also marks the 150th birthday of the Orrville Union Depot. The depot was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) in 1868 at the junction of its Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad (PFW&C) mainline with the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus Railroad (CA&C) mainline. This depot replaced an earlier wooden structure located east of the junction which was destroyed by fire. At the time the "new" depot was built, Orrville was becoming an important junction and transfer point for passengers and goods.

Come celebrate with us this year at one of our events. Check out our Schedule page or Facebook to find out what's going on. We'll be releasing our 2018 schedule soon so stay tuned.

And be sure to pick up one of our limited edition HO scale boxcars (see below) commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Orrville Union Depot.


November 29

Excess Equipment Available for Purchase

When ORHS acquired the DABO facility back in 2015, vintage rail cars, locomotives, materials and miscellaneous equipment were included with the purchase. Much of this equipment does not fit with our current mission. In lieu of scrapping, which happens all too often, we prefer that it be preserved where possible and it is now offered for sale to others interested in preserving railroading history. If you have an interest, please make an offer. We are happy to report that some pieces have already found good homes in the preservation community and are being put to good use.

In order to help facilitate the sale of equipment, we've added web pages with descriptions and photos. Please note that some of this initial listing is not yet complete in the descriptions and we have a lot of miscellaneous bits, pieces and parts yet to be listed. More will be added as we go along.

Please take a look. The inventory can be accessed here: ORHS Inventory or under the Equipment tab from any page.

November 5

Orrville Union Depot Sesquicentennial Commemorative Car

2018 Sesquicentennial Boxcar.
Accurail HO scale 40' AAR boxcar custom decorated for the
Orrville Union Depot sesquicentennial.

Eric Schlentner

The Orrville Railroad Heritage Society is proud to announce the Orrville Union Depot sesquicentennial in 2018. To celebrate this milestone, we are offering a limited edition HO scale 40’ AAR boxcar kit produced by Accurail, custom decorated to commemorate the Orrville Union Depot Sesquicentennial.

Get one for your railroad or your favorite railfan!

$47.95 each by mail order
$39.95 each at the Depot Gift Shop

Boxcar Flyer and Order Form Click to download the flyer and order form.

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September 14

A Sad Day for Rail Preservation

We are sad to report the passing of Jerry Joe Jacobson on September 13. Jerry was a good friend to ORHS and will be missed by all of us. For those few who are not familiar with Jerry, he was the man behind assembling the Ohio Central system and then, after its sale to Genesee & Wyoming, the building of The Age of Steam Roundhouse facility in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Our sincere condolences to Laura, their children and their entire family.

The official announcement is available on the Age of Steam Roundhouse website Home page:


December 6

Membership Dinner

2017 Board of Directors.
Your 2017 Officers (l to r): Joe Breindel, Anna Davidson,
Kathy Green and Kevin Welch.

Eric Schlentner

Our 2016 Membership dinner was held on the evening of December 6 at the Canal Grille in Canal Fulton. Regular business was discussed with inclusion of voting for the 2017 officers, results of which are: Anna Davidson, Chairman; Kevin Welch, President; Jerry Beach, Vice President; Joe Breindel, Secretary; and Kathy Green, Treasurer.

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September 29

Nominating Committee for 2017 Officers Announced

ORHS Chairman Anna Davidson has appointed Bill Engel, Joe Breindel, and Ed Hershey to be the Nominating Committee for the slate of officers for 2017. The Election of Officers will be held during the Annual Meeting on December 6, 2016. If you are interested in serving as an officer, or wish to recommend someone to serve as an officer please contact a member of the nominating committee. If you are recommending someone, please be sure they are willing to serve before nominating them.

Send your nominations via email by using our Contact form or call the Depot at (330) 683-2426 and leave a message

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October 14

ORHS Train Departs Deeser Siding for the Last Time

After months of preparation, ORHS has finally vacated the longtime home of our equipment at Deeser Siding on Pine Street to take up new residence at DABO. All stored materials and miscellaneous equipment have been moved and the last train out departed at about 11:00 AM October 14 for the trip across town. Special thanks goes to all the NS employees that helped make the move happen. All images below by Anna Davidson unless noted.

Train assembled and ready.
The train, assembled and inspected, awaits the day the orders to
move arrive.

Doc Higgins

Starting the move.
On the morning of October 14, the train gets ready to move.

Leaving Deeser Siding.
Leaving Deeser Siding for the last time, the train approaches Main
Street with OHRS President Ed Hershey ready to guard the crossing.

Onto the interchange.
The 471 and its train head onto the NS Interchange.

Crossing McGill Street.
The rest of the train as it crosses McGill Street.

Exiting W&LE track.
The last of the cars exiting W&LE tracks.

Running on the CA&C main.
The 471 leads the train down the old CA&C main...

Westbound to Dabo.
...and continues west towards DABO.

NS 5631 brings up the rear.
NS 5631 brings up the rear.

471 ducks into the Scott's siding to make way.
471 ducks into the Scott's siding to make way for the shove into

NS 5631 shoves the cars into DABO.
NS 5631 shoves the cars into DABO.

Short video: On the move to DABO.

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September 26

ORHS Equipment Ready to Move to DABO

A lot has been happening in the past few months at ORHS. We've been diligently working to move all our rail-related assets from our old location off Pine Street across town to DABO, Inc. This has been a long arduous process that has involved moving 25 years worth of accumulated materials and parts as well as arranging the movement of our remaining passenger and freight cars via Norfolk Southern. Also recently completed was the initial track rehabilitation at DABO to enable the move onto the property. Special thanks goes to Lynn Butts, Joseph Butts, Doc Higgins and Kevin Welch for their herculean effort and many hours volunteered in getting everything moved.

The train to DABO is assembled and ready to go any day now. We'll post images of the move when it occurs.

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Work Continues in Preparation of Our Move

In preparation of our move, a lot of work was needed on all the rolling stock. Some of this equipment hasn't moved in over 20 years! Bearing lubrication, brake and appliance repairs and truck installation was just the tip of the iceberg. All this work will enable us to move all the equipment.

Crossing gates loaded for transport.
Crossing gates loaded for transport.
Ed Hershey

The CR Construction crew working on track at DABO.
The CR Construction crew working on track at DABO.
Ed Hershey

Newly resurfaced wheels being installed in the 
			101's truck.
Newly resurfaced wheels being installed in the 101's truck.
Kevin Welch

Kevin and Doc supervise a load of ties being 
			dropped off at DABO.
Kevin and Doc supervise a load of ties being dropped off at DABO.
Ed Hershey

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July 8

Richard Jacobs, 1932 - 2015

Richard Jacobs
Richard Jacobs

Long time member Richard "Jake" Jacobs passed away on June 23. Jake was a prolific photographer whose images documented ORHS events and excursions. Jake was also the voice and editor of our newsletter, All Aboard, for many years. Many of Jake's photos and stories have appeared on this web site, our newsletter, the Akron Railroad Club blog and he also contributed images for books published about local railroads. Railfans could meet Jake trackside, camera in hand, almost anywhere in Northeast Ohio. Jake also traveled the country riding and photographing trains.

We'll miss the stories of your adventures, told in that big baritone voice.

High green, Jake.

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June 23

ORHS Rail Assets to Move to DABO Site

All Siding Events Cancelled

On June 15, ORHS received notice that the track lease held since 1994 has been cancelled by the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway necessitating ORHS to vacate the property. Plans are now underway to move our equipment to the yard of our newly acquired subsidiary, DABO, Inc. Track at DABO is now being prepared to receive our equipment. Work is quickly being arranged or completed on rolling stock that was under repair. It is likely that the equipment that cannot be interchanged will be scrapped in place.

All events that would have utilized our leased track have been cancelled.

This is a huge, unplanned project in the amount of work involved in a very short time as well as a major financial impact. If you would like to help in any way or wish to donate to help offset the cost, please contact the Depot at (330) 683-2426. If unanswered, please leave a message.

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June 2

ORHS Acquires Dabo, Inc.

The signing of the purchase agreement for DABO, Inc.
ORHS Chairman Anna Davidson and President Ed Hershey sign the
agreement to purchase all shares of Dabo, Inc. stock.

Eric Schlentner

Investing for the future of our organization, Orrville Railroad Heritage Society (ORHS) has acquired Dabo, Inc. through a stock purchase agreement. ORHS purchased the company from the estate of the late Art Davis who was a long time member.

Located southwest of town, the Dabo property consists of about 17 acres of land with a small railroad yard and a stretch of what was once the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus (CA&C) main line to Columbus.

Also included in the deal is all the owned equipment on the Dabo property such as an ex-USATC RSD1 diesel locomotive that saw service in Iran during World War II, Sturm & Dillard 0-6-0 switcher from their gravel pit that was located in Circleville, Ohio, three 250 ton cranes - one diesel, two steam - and various vintage freight and passenger cars.
The intent of the purchase is to restart Dabo as a for-profit business as a used railroad equipment dealer, scrapper, railcar storage facility and/or any other related opportunities come its way. All current equipment on the property will be offered for sale.

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May 9

ORHS Celebrates National Train Day

It felt like summer with the temperature in the 80's for our National Train Day celebration in Orrville. Track cars traveled from McGill Street to Orrville Junction and back throughout  the afternoon. Even though we couldn't run the train due to a defect on the siding, attendance was excellent. The Depot was open to the public and the concession car was also available for snacks and gifts. As always, thanks goes to NARCOA members for graciously bringing their track cars and donating their time for our event.

Track cars are ready for their first run up to 
			Orrville Junction.
All loaded and ready to go.
Eric Schlentner

Spring is finally evident as the track cars 
			head for the junction.
And we're off to Orrville Junction!
Eric Schlentner

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