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Cabin Car

Pennsylvania Railroad #477828

Pennsylvania Railroad Cabin Car #477828
The Pennsylvania Railroad cabin car (PRR's term for caboose) on display at the Orrville Union Station was built by the railroad's shops in 1942 or 1943. Its distinctive style was designed to go along with the railroads streamlined steam engines and 199 were built. It is a class N5C cabin car and is quite popular with collectors.

PRR 477828

When the Pennsy became a part of the Penn Central, the car was renumbered PC 23068. Later, when PC became part of Conrail, it was painted Conrail Blue but kept it's number.

Conrail 23068

In the late 1980's, Conrail was selling or scrapping many of its cabooses. Cabooses were being retired as they were expensive to maintain and the railroads were reducing the number of crewmen on each train. ORHS purchased the car and put it on display along with their station and tower.

The cabin car is available for tours during events, or by special request. 

PRR Cabin Car

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